Nutrition is now widely recognised as a vital component of overall health and wellbeing. Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition science in the treatment of disorders, and the promotion of health and optimal performance. A nutritional therapist’s role is to identify underlying causes of symptoms and to correct imbalances utilising dietary advice, tests and supplementation.

Our therapist at Equilibrium is Cheryl Russ BA (Hons), FdSc, Dip.ION, mBANT, CNHC

Cheryl trained for four years at the prestigious Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION). She ran a successful practice in London and worked as a consultant to The Priory before moving to Wiltshire after the birth of her son.

Cheryl is a member of the regulatory organisation BANT (British Association of Nutritional Therapists), and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) and has a particular interest in fertility. She can provide personalised plans for health and weight loss, skin conditions and other health concerns, or to help you develop peak performance. She also offers various tests to support nutritional programmes, e.g. Vitamin D testing, IGG food testing with CNS, and hair mineral analysis.

Nutritional therapy can help with:

  • Mental health including depression
  • Digestive issues including indigestion and weight loss
  • Hormonal issues including fertility, PMS and menopause
  • Cardiovascular issues such as high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Skin problems such as eczema and acne
  • Immune issues related to colds, infections and cancer

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation involves a thorough investigation of current symptoms and nutritional habits. A detailed written report will be prepared after your initial consultation and continued further support by email is free of charge.
60 minutes


Follow-up Consultation

45 minutes

My husband and I were both suffering similar stomach issues – which included bloating, feeling full and lethargic. After trying to eat a ‘healthy’ diet we gave up as our symptoms were not getting any better and so employed Cheryl’s services. Our first meeting with Cheryl was enlightening and informative. She started us on an exclusion diet, which was pretty difficult by day 3 – we continued with her guidance until, finally, I was diagnosed as having an issue with gluten. We could have had a diagnosis quicker if we had tests carried out, but decided to try by diet alone – which does take time and dedication, but with Cheryl’s assistance this was made much easier. Unfortunately, my husband had a few more dietary issues so had to have tests carried out. The tests were explained by Cheryl in detail and options provided – which was helpful. It was worth getting them done as now he is fully aware of his intolerances / allergies and can make informed decisions. We are both much better now – we both have much more energy, my psoriasis flare ups occur infrequently, and PMT is pretty much non-existent. We both get the odd bloat, but generally after eating out when you can never be sure on ingredients! With Cheryl’s assistance our diets have become a way of life, which, to two self-confessed ‘foodies’ is working well and we are glad we went through the experience. Claire and Andrew – Wiltshire