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Equilibrium Clinic

About us

Equilibrium Clinic was opened in 2008 by founder and therapist Lorraine Talbott. Since its opening, the clinic has grown in team size and variety of services, becoming the go-to place for all things beauty and wellbeing. At the clinic you will be welcomed by a team of passionate therapists who collectively provide a host of services including skincare and beauty treatments, a full range of massages, McTimoney chiropractic, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, semi-permanent makeup and aesthetics. Along with first-class treatments, we also pride ourselves on using products from globally recognised, leading brands to provide results for our customers. With this, we have built an outstanding portfolio of brands such as Environ, CACI, Bio Sculpture, Nouveau, Footlogix, Advanced Nutrition Programme, Jane Iredale and more, to give our clients results that are sustainable, restorative and enjoyable! So, along with a wide range of services, high quality products and a friendly, professional team, we hope you will find your equilibrium with us!

Lorraine | Clinic Owner

I offer a full range of treatments – everything from sports massage to holistic and beauty therapies such as Environ Advanced skin treatments and CACI Synergy treatments.

Claire | Therapist

I joined Equilibrium in January 2022 and since then I have qualified in sports massage and deep tissue massage, as well as Environ and CACI treatments!

Georgie | Beauty Therapist

I qualified in 2019 and have been concentrating on perfecting my skills in lash and brow treatments, plus manicures and pedicures.

Kay | Training Beauty Therapist

I currently offer a range of services including manicures, medi-pedis, Nouveau lash treatments, brow treatments and makeup. As I’m in training, I’ll have even more amazing treatments to offer our wonderful clients in the near future. Looking forward to meeting you!

Katherine | McTimoney Chiropractor

Nicole | McTimoney Chiropractor

Stephen | Traditional Acupuncturist

I’ve been practising acupuncture for the last 15 years, almost six of which have been at Equilibrium.

Holly | Permanent Makeup Artist

I’ve been doing Permanent Makeup for two years. It’s a brilliant art form, something that I fell in love with when I first had my brows microbladed. I haven’t stopped training and researching the best and safest methods and styles since.

Zee | Facial Reflex Therapist

Complementary therapies were part of Zee’s self-care for many years, so she could juggle the demands of a growing family and a busy interior design practice with equal fervour. However, several family moves around the globe, and one minor yet significant car accident led her onto a new and unexpected career path, and she discovered her true calling. Facial Reflex Therapy (neuro-reflexology) resonated with her on such a deep level that she decided to go back to studying, and in 2016, became a Facial Reflex Therapist with the International Institute of Reflexology, based in Barcelona. With her gentle, positive, open, and friendly disposition, she now helps clients of all ages towards health, wellbeing, equanimity, and a renewed zest for life through her relaxing, yet profound treatments. Zee continues to deepen her knowledge in advanced methods on ongoing basis, is an accredited Hands-On trainer for the institute, and trains therapists in the Trauma and Emotional Release as well as the Vagus Nerve Stimulation methods in the UK. She is co-founder of Sanko, an online platform promoting natural and lifestyle medicine practices as part of daily living.

Dr Hattie | Facial Aesthetician

I am an experienced, practising GP who has been working in the NHS for over 15 years, gaining my aesthetics training at the Skin Viva training school at the same time. I love connecting with people, hearing their stories, and working with them to provide natural beauty enhancements using high-quality skincare treatments. I have a passion for Women’s Health and am working towards my Menopause Care Professional Certificate as I feel this can provide another level of care to enable us to be and feel our best.

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