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Equilibrium Clinic

Environ Facial Treatments

Dr Des Fernandes, renowned South African plastic surgeon, has developed Environ – a range of treatments and homecare products – through his years of work treating acne, scarring, pigmentation and photo-ageing, and has discovered the key to solving skin problems by using high doses of active vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene applied topically to the skin.

The 21st century environment constantly diminishes the skin’s vitamin A resources, which, says Dr Fernandes, is the root cause of many skin problems. Any form of light exposure destroys vitamin A and in order to treat, restore and maintain a healthy skin we need to replace these vitamins daily. With salon treatments, more intense results are achieved by using electro-sonic technology to help stimulate the skin, allowing essential nutrients to reach where the skin needs them most.

All of our Environ facial treatments are personalised and are suitable for all age ranges. The treatments are designed to help improve the appearance of skin with regard to loss of elasticity, acne or congested skin, anti-ageing, dull or sluggish skin, lines and wrinkles, sensitive skin, scarring, broken capillaries, pigmentation and much, much more.

Our Environ Electro-Sonic DF treatments fall into two categories: Essential to target specific skin concerns, and Focus which are ideal for top-ups between Essential treatments or as a course on their own. In addition, we offer a hands on luxurious facial that delivers essential vitamins to restore the skin’s health, radiance as well as provide relaxation for the client and a range of six Cool Peels to target specific skin concerns, rejuvenate and refine.

Address a particular skin concern and book an intensive course of six treatments at weekly intervals. Pay for the full course at your first visit and only pay for five sessions.

To learn more about Environ or book a treatment, please click the button below which will take you to the website of our sister company, Wiltshire Skin Solutions, where you’ll find detailed information, results pictures and online booking.

Wiltshire Skin Solutions operates at the same location as Equilibrium Clinic. Although the name may be new, nothing else has changed. You get the same treatments, the same products, the same high standard of service … just more focus on skincare.

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