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Equilibrium Clinic

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Our semi-permanent makeup artist is Holly Nolan. Holly uses a Finishing Touches Vogue machine to carry out her work, creating the most natural lips, and giving your brows and eyeline a subtle transformation that will save you time and effort every day.

Semi-permanent makeup (also known as permanent makeup, cosmetic tattooing, micropigmentation or microblading) can last between one and three years. Using the machine, a needle is driven to deposit small amounts of ink in the upper dermal layers of the skin, like a tattoo, but much closer to the surface. Over time, the pigment will break down and fade, and the time it takes to do this will depend on your age, skin type, skin care and sun exposure. A top-up is recommended after 12 months to ensure a fresh appearance.

Holly offers Permanent Eyebrows, Lips and Eyeliner. Whichever treatment you choose, you will be offered a free consultation to discuss your options and requirements. If you decide to go ahead, you will have two further appointments. At the first treatment appointment Holly will draw and perfect the shape, choose the colour with you and discuss aftercare before she starts work. After six weeks you will have a second treatment appointment at which Holly will make any tweaks that are required to perfect your makeup.

To book a consultation or an appointment with Holly, please call us on 01672 851212.

All prices include a consultation, two appointments, pre-care advice, after-care advice and balms as required. 12 month touch-ups are charged at 50% of the treatment price.

Permanent brows


Permanent lips


Permanent eyeliner: upper lashline


Permanent eyeliner: shaded liner with a flick


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